Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Michael Todd Anti Wrinkle Cream

Michael Todd Cosmetics is geared towards all clientele seeking a healthy and natural alternative to skin care. Michael Todd Cosmetics has revolutionized the skincare industry with the introduction of a wide assortment of products for the face and body with options for every skin type and skin care concern. Michael Todd has created anti aging skin care and anti wrinkle cream for men and women alike. Michael Todd has invested resources not only in his cosmetics line but has taken his passion for excellence and expanded it to his anti wrinkle cream and anti aging skincare products as well!

Unlike other well known anti wrinkle and skin care lines such as Perricone, Murad, or Biotherm that have some natural ingredients, Michael Todd has raised the bar with his anti aging formulations making them organic. All skincare products have been tested to be as effective and healthy for your skin all around, as opposed to the artificial ingredients, parabens, and additives found in other skin care products.


Most would compare Michael Todd Cosmetics to prestigious companies.

Anti Wrinkle Cream

Highlight your best features with Michael Todd’s extensive line of palettes and its new wrinkle cream. While we are fairly new to the designer sections of top department stores and sites like shopping.com we are quickly gaining ground on the bigger names as we provide a wide array of top-quality products at about 35% less than a comparable product from Chanel.

Whether you seek the appearance of more prominent cheekbones, slender cheeks, or just healthier and younger-looking skin these blushes will do the trick! And our new anti-aging cream will leave you looking radiant, revitalized, and about ten years younger without the need for lasers, needles or botox. We all know that to do your best you have to look your best. Michael Todd will help you get there.

Just remember that to keep you looking beautiful and to build the best foundation you need to cleanse and moisturize your face each night.


All of our products come at competitive market prices and are easy to apply. Our gel blush creates a stunningly realistic appearance, cream blush is great for women who need more hydration or who live in dry climates, and the Bobbi Brown line is perfect for teens by keeping the application process as simple and direct as possible. With popping pinks and percolating purples, it is hard to walk through a department store and not be drawn in by the line of Bobbi Brown blush products.

Its our committment to design and simplicity which sets us apart from our competitors. We provide free brushes and have a no hassle return policy. Feel free to browse the site and see which products work for you. And don’t forget to check out our new anti-aging cream which is guaranteed to leave you looking young and with less noticeable lines.

Michael Todd won’t make a claim we can’t meet. Try any of our products and see for yourself. You never pay for shipping and your satisfaction is guaranteed.

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