Saturday, February 6, 2010

Mario Badescu Acne Products

Why i post up these 3? Because i use them **together** at night. Dont come here and bash me for doing that. I found out its really the best way to maximize their effects. I have very persistent severe acne, and i am on accutane. And i cant put on benzoyl peroxide, so this combo is perfect for me...since it does not dry out my skin, and it calms like heaven. My pimples/cysts truly get better when i do this. Also i have less post-inflammatory hyper-pigmentation. These 3 products combined, do the effect.

Mario Badescu Drying Cream:

Mario Badescu Drying lotion:

Mario Badescu Buffering lotion:

Healing: Check
Reducing inflammation: Check
Shrinking pustules/papules: check
Not overly drying: Check
Reduces hyper-pigmentation due to acne: Check
Calms/soothes: Check

^^It may sting abit the first minute, but thats perfectly fine^^

My tips: First apply Buffering lotion and let it dry. Next apply with a q-tip (and never shake the bottle!) the drying lotion and let it dry. It will form like a shell over the pimple, and it will be white in the area where there is the active acne or open acne due to touching. Next, apply the drying cream. And go sleeeep! Wake up and wash your face, and enjoy less painful acne :-)

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