Saturday, February 6, 2010

The Best Foundation Makeup Brushes

Michael Todd knows applying foundation makeup evenly is the key to a flawless appearance, and using our Foundation Brush makes it easier than ever. The petal-shaped, synthetic brush is designed to blend and distribute evenly for full coverage and works well with Michael Todd’s full range of foundations for all skin types.

Just as an artist equips himself with a variety of brushes to achieve each brush stroke, your tool kit should include a set of high quality brushes to enhance each look you wish to achieve, from work-time conservative to night-time seductive. All Michael Todd Cosmetics brushes are made of the finest natural and synthetic fibers, and are accented by our signature plum wooden handles for a comfortable grip and smooth application.


Our best cosmetics brushes may be purchased separately, or as a set. Our 18-piece brush set consists of all essential eye, face and lip brushes, plus a luxurious velour puff for finishing powder. Smaller travel brushes are also available in two sizes, including a dual-sided eye and eyeliner brush, lip brush and blush brush. These compact-size brushes may be purchased separately or together.

Make Up Artist Michael Todd has revolutionized the cosmetics industry with the introduction of a wide assortment of products for the face and body that are high end without the high end price tag. Michael Todd Cosmetics is the most exclusive cosmetics line in the industry with the greatest range of shades and formulas. Michael Todd has invested resources not only in his cosmetics line but has taken his passion for excellence and expanded it to his line of foundation and cosmetics brushes as well.


Michael Todd Cosmetics offers twelve different foundation make-up options to choose from. Each foundation make up has different attributes that can help you create an even complexion for your skin type. It will all depend on the type of skin you have and the environment that you’ll find yourself in daily. Considering that most people have a combination skin type, where there are varying levels of dryness and oiliness, choosing a foundation make up can be more complicated, and often leads to the use of two different foundations to reach a desired outcome. Foundation is an instrumental tool to add to your make up kit. You can find many foundation make up products that include varying degrees of SPF to protect you from the sun’s rays. Michael Todd Cosmetics offers tinted foundations, clear foundations, as well as a wide range of shades to match any skin tone.

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