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Fabulous Wedding Dress Pictures

Fabulous Wedding Dress Picture
Fabulous Wedding Dress Picture
Fabulous Wedding Dress Picture
Fabulous Wedding Dress Pictures

Perfect Lips - How To Line Lips collections

Red Lips Make Up

Natural Lips Make Up

Natural Lips Make Up

I am sure that every girl or women like to look gorgeus and here are lips the most important part of looking good. Here are some tricks how to make your lips sexiest.

Natural Lips Make Up

Most lips are not symmetrical, upper and lower lips are not compatible. We have full lips, thin lips, etc.. The symmetry of the lips can be done through a correction, shading and darkening angles of the lips.

Full Lips Angelina Jolie-Make Up Trend 2009

Beautyful Lips Trends 2009

Sexy Lips Make Up Trends 2009

Sexy Lips Make Up

Vivid Holiday Eye shadow Look 2009 picturse

This is the holiday look I created for Vivid Cosmetics, a Canadian make-up brand with which I am collaborating. Leah sent me one of their palettes to create looks with it, so all colours used are from their Eye Shadow Palette. I just added a little NYX glitter from the Glitter Cream palette to glam it up:

Healthy Skin and Make Up With Neutrogena collections

Healthy Skin and Make Up With Neutrogena collecrions

Neutrogena Frsh Cooling Sunblock Gel

Neutrogena Make Up Remover

Neutrogena Eye Shades

Have you been searching for that healthy skin and make up? That is the type of make up everyone is looking for – the type of make up that not only makes the complexion look good while wearing it, but keeps the complexion looking good, even when the make up is not on.

Neutrogena Moisture Serum

Neutrogena Men Face Lotion

Many individuals have been searching for healthy skin and make up for years and have not been able to find it. That is why we are writing this article, to enlighten people and tell them about the healthy skin and make up. Many people are self conscious about their skin and are never seen without the foundation they have on. Many foundations can hurt your face, make it worse than it is.

Neutrogena Lip Glos

Neutrogena Age Reverse Eye Cream

Neutrogena Hand Cream

Have you ever looked into Neutrogena Healthy Skin? With Neutrogena Healthy Skin, your make up will be coming out and playing. This is foundation that is obviously really healthy for your skin and a great thing about this foundation is the fact that is comes in many different shades. They have a wide range of light, medium and dark tones. For those who have red and yellow skin undertones, you will be able to find the perfect color. This make up will cover up all of the flaws you have on your skin.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Anna Sui’s upcoming Fall 2009 Makeup Collection

Agyness Deyn: New face of Anna Sui Cosmetics

Agyness Deyn: New face of Anna Sui Cosmetics

Supermodel Agyness Deyn is the new face of Anna Sui Cosmetics, who also fronted the fall 2008 ad campaign for Shiseido’s Maquillage. Here are some products of this collection.

Fluid Foundation

Moisture rich Fluid Foundation SPF 15 PA++

Moisture Rich Foundation Primer SPF 12 PA++

Moisture Rich Foundation Primer SPF 12 PA++

Anna Sui Lipstick

Anna Sui Lipstick

Anna Sui Nail Color

Anna Sui Shimmering Nail Color

Powder Foundation

Moisture Rich Powder Foundation SPF 15++

Eye Color Accent

Anna Sui Eye Color Accent B

Anna Sui Sponge

Anna Sui Sponge

Glamorous ARTDECO Noblesse Cosmetics Collection

Graceful, stylish and highly elegant, the new collection of glamorous ARTDECO ennobles the entire phenomenon. The new products of cosmetic range is available in gold, silver, and exquisite color shades, laced with glitter and fine particles of shimmer. Every beauty case for personal treasure looks like a majestic magic.


The basis for a smashing performance sets the Eyeshadow Base. It has a neutral color primer to prevent the settling of eye shadow in eyelid crease. It helps in reducing redness with bisabolol and protects better with vitamin E. The eye shadow can be applied more easily and is ideal for contact lens wearers.

Get a festive touch to receive the eye make-up with this fragrance free Glam Stars Liquid Eye Liner. Fine gold or silver glitter is incorporated into a gel texture and can be evenly applied with brush.

AD_Quadrobox_Lidschattenartdeco liquid eyeliner2

Three Highlighter and Eye Shadow Powder contains elegant Mirror box with Glamorous Highlighters. Their noble Boudoir design found again on powder inside gives a shimmering relief. The apricot shade is an ideal highlighter, while brown and purple shades emphasize the eye make-up in an expressive way.

A balanced combination of shimmering and sparkling glitter particles brings Glam Stars Lipstick on lips. Its specially prepared waxes provide exceptional brilliance of color and creamy texture can be applied very comfortably. It contains Vitamin E, lanolin and mineral oil, as it’s super ingredients.


The Ceramic Nail Lacquer coats the nails with beads of gold, silver, lilac, pink, and rose shades. It has patented ceramic particles and special polymers, giving a long-lasting shine and is more resistance.

The Glam Stars Glitter Spray Nobel provides a finished look. Sprayed from about 30 cm distance, it gives fine particles of glitter in gold or silver skin and hair, with a royal splendor.


Malgosia Bela campaigns for Chanel Noirs Obscurs Winter 2009

Malgosia Bela is back as the face of new Chanel Cosmetics range. With a dark eye-makeup and lipcolor, Malgosia is looking absolutely stunning and gorgeous in new Chanel Noirs Obscurs’ campaign. The modeling veteran was repealing face of last season’s ads too.

Here’s the Winter 2009 campaign:




Luna Twilight Cosmetics


Luna Twilight Cosmetics identifies mood and spirit of the saga’s iconic female characters like Bella, Alice, Victoria and Rosalie. From soft and natural to frantically stunning, the Face Palettes were created to reflect each character’s unique looks.

Guerlain Terracotta Makeup Collection for Summer 2010

Guerlain Terracotta Collection for Summer 2010-1

Thinking about Terracotta has always been about bronze goddess look. This time Guerlain has launched some dark sienna colors in its Terracotta collection which will drive you crazy because they remind of cafe lattes, color of sand in Goa, India and shade of clay pots drying in sun. Guerlain Summer 2010 Terracotta Collection has following makeup products:~

Guerlain Terracotta Collection for Summer 2010-4Guerlain Terracotta Collection for Summer 2010-5

TERACOTTA TOUCH: A highlighter pen used for shadows and dark circles that add illumination and radiance to the complexion perfectly. It plays on shadow and lights the tanned skin to create a natural and even glowing complexion.

Guerlain Terracotta Collection for Summer 2010-2

TERRACOTTA FARD METAL: Two elegant metallic pen with its brown and gold design encloses a fine and silky potion. Creamy metallic shades for eyes with perfect glide, the eye shadow/liner formula glows with light and decorate your eyes with metallic sparkles.

TERRACOTTA KHOL: Guerlain’s Khol is promising land for enchanting and enigmatic eyes. This Khol is absolutely stunning and if you have brown eyes it’s a gorgeous match but can see it making blue and green eyes absolutely pop. It’s a smoky chocolate brown Kohl available only in one shade.

Guerlain Terracotta Collection for Summer 2010-3

Products from Guerlain Terracotta Summer 2010 collection will create natural tan on your skin, moisturize it, prevent appearance of wrinkles, and protect it from sun. So don’t worry about the Sun and Live Free! This makeup collection will be available in March 2010 at select Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus, Saks Fifth Avenue, Sephora, Bloomingdales, and Bergdorf Goodman locations.

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