Sunday, May 30, 2010

Introduction to Make-up Courses

Lorraine Milligan

Abigail Alexander

The world of high fashion make-up is extremely competitive! Talent alone (although essential) is not enough - a determination and drive is just as important. Most make-up artists are self employed and therefore have no guarantee of regular income until they have made contacts with photographers, stylists and agents to promote their work. However the financial rewards and job satisfaction once you have reached the top of your chosen profession are great.

Nowadays it is becoming essential for make-up artists to have hair “dressing” skills to meet the demands of the industry. Having multiple skills will make it easier for you to gain contracts and employment and increase your potential earnings. We recognise this, and therefore include a comprehensive hair styling module in our eight week diploma course. This is also available as a separate course for those who have already completed a foundation course in make-up.

The London School of Beauty & Make-up has long been revered as the number one school in Europe to learn high fashion make-up techniques.This reputation has been achieved by an intensive ‘no time-wasting’ curriculum plus being the only school to use top international working make-up artists to teach and hand over their valuable experience and knowledge.

Make-up training courses will take place within a make-up studio environment using products provided by the school from all the top international fashion houses: Mac, Shu Uemura, Shiseido, Chanel, Nars, Estée Lauder, Benefit and Bobbi Brown etc.

Other than make-up demonstrations the emphasis of all of our make-up courses is very much towards practical sessions with the minimum of theoretical work.This gives the student more hands on experience so they can improve their skills and this in turn makes the courses particularly suitable for overseas students with limited English vocabulary. Students start with a foundation course covering all aspects of preparing the skin, choosing and applying the right colour foundation.They will then practice applying lipstick, eyeliners and shadows plus blending of make-up and eyebrow shaping. They will also cover bridal and special occasion make-up.

After these skills have been perfected students can then choose from a list of higher level courses from creative photographic make-up to fashion, catwalk or special effects including ageing, casualty make-up and body painting. Our creative and intensive courses are directed towards those who wish to work in high fashion make-up, and will include a photographic shoot using a top fashion/beauty photographer and professional models from top London agencies.

Whichever level you wish to aspire to, you will find make-up application both rewarding and enjoyable.

We consider it essential that students have the opportunity to work with many different make-up lectures. Therefore from our creative course level and through to the Fashion Photographic and Media Make-up courses we engage several make-up artists with different opinions and ways of working.

These artists will bring their own portfolios and make-up kit along so that students have the opportunity to view what a professional working make-up artist considers a complete and comprehensive portfolio and make-up kit.
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