Friday, May 7, 2010


Apivita Eucalyptus

What a perfect match to the upcoming winter season – a skincare range made on red wine! Imagine settling down on a chilly evening in front of a roaring fire with your new Wine Elixir night cream on. Mmmmmmm

APIVITA has just launched its new wine elixir range that provides natural treatment for wrinkles and skin elasticity and is based on ingredients including wine and beeswax.

The range is designed to:

* Reduce the appearance of wrinkles
* Improve skin elasticity
* Restore lost firmness
* Offer anti-oxidant activity and protection from premature aging
* Reduce transepidermal water loss and effectively hydrate skin
* Tone and rejuvenate skin


Aphrodite and I have been mainlining a gorgeous Greek brand recently. It’s called Apivita, and they make a completely delcious range of natural skin, body and hair care goodies. We’ve been trying out their Express range, which features things like eye zone masks with ginkgo bilboa, hand scrubs with olive, calming face masks with dittany of Crete, age management masks with green tea…and about a ton more!

We’ve also been checking out haircare from their Propoline range, like Olive and Honey (which is wickedly delicious) and grape seed and vitamins shampoos. And we can honestly say – it’s all fab. We’ll be blogging more about individual products in due course, and sure you never know, there may even be a wee giveaway in the pipeline too!

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