Saturday, July 9, 2011

Happy Birthday" Nail Polish!

Its perfect timing to find a fantastic dupe for Deborah Lippman Happy Birthday polish because right now Deb is doing her rounds on HSN presenting some of her new nail kits, one of which, includes the super popular multi-colored glitter polish, Happy Birthday. So it was a welcome coincidence that I was at CVS today and came across an exact dupe in Milani "Gems" for around $5. DL glittler polishes run around $20 so you are saving a good $15 for, like I said, an EXACT dupe. I can't speak to the quality similarities between the two as far as formula and lasting power goes but as far as the appearance, Milani Gems is a dead ringer. Right down to the various shapes and sizes of the confetti-like glitter and how much coverage you get with each coat. It's downright scary. Milani must have someone on the inside because they nailed this dupe to a tee! Take into consideration when looking at Milani VS DL, it does matter which polish you wear underneath it to determine how it will look. I tried to find pictures where there wasn't an obvious color like pink or blue underneath the glitter polish because I found that it may cloud the judgment of the similarities between the two.

Deborah Lippman Happy Birthday

The DL Happy Birthday is on the ring finger and the Milani Gems is on the pinky. Can you tell a difference??(Photo Credit: Addicted to all things Pretty,
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