Saturday, July 9, 2011

Cover Girl Lashblast

The infamous and beloved Lashblast. Perhaps the current best selling drugstore mascara to date. This is not a fact, but rather, a presumption. I've been trying to decide whether I like this stuff for the last year or more. Something I do like about it is the large brush, but on the flipside the large brush makes it hard to get the lower lashes without looking like you've applied eyeliner instead of mascara. I do think Lashblast holds the curl very well and stays throughout the day. The downside is that it makes my lashes crispy and spiky if I don't hurry the hell up and put a few coats on back to back to back before it dries. Lashblast is rather volumizing but not sure sure about lengthening. I am proud of CG for finally being a frontrunner for drugstore mascara when the category has always (in my opinion) belonged to L'Oreal.
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