Sunday, September 5, 2010

Makeup for a rock concert (the black eye)

Rock concert... What kind of makeup should I wear! Well, if we take a look at rock stars (girls), then we will notice that these girls wear really heavy makeup. So, why not to experiment and look like rock stars ourselves? :) Here is the product list and the tutorial :)

Product list:
*NYX false eye lashes
*Cinema Secrets Eyeliner sealer
*Cinema Secrets "fat" pencil in black
*MAC 209 brush
*MAC 219 brush
*MAC 217 brush
*MAC 224 brush
*Make Up Store 106 brush
*Highlight eye shadow (MAC)
*Make Up Store Pollution eye shadow
*Coastal Scents 66 lip gloss palette (combination of 2)
*Coastal Scents 10 blush palette

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