Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Pacifica's Brook Harvey-Taylor

Meet Brook. She's the awesome woman behind Pacifica. A poster girl for West-Coast living with a passion for art, nature, surfing, activism, and healthy green living, Brook is someone we bow down to when it comes to effortless beauty. Which is why we hit her up for her favorite Pacifica tips and tricks. Here, she shares her bath-and-body savvy with our Beauty and the Blog fans.

Because I travel a lot, I love taking along things that multi-task and are real problem solvers. Like that indispensable coat you always pack--knowing that it will go with every outfit you bring. Coat problem solved. So I am always looking for ways to be creative with my products. (And less weight in body care means that I can pack that extra pair of shoes!) Here are some of my discoveries:

A close shave: Pacifica Body Butter is not only a great moisturizer, it also makes an impressive shaving cream. And when used on your legs, you can save time and moisturize while you shave.

Frizzy hair: Pacifica Solid Perfume is perfectly portable and an ideal way to reapply your favorite scent during the day. But I also use it to tame frizzies and smooth the ends of my hair. The fragrance becomes a bonus--think of how sexy you will be tossing your beautiful smelling mane behind your shoulders.

Lingerie wash: Pacifica Body Wash is thick, rich, and full of natural ingredients, making it a choice cleanser for your skin. But when on the road, you can also use it to wash your lingerie. Of course, do a color test first!

Pick-me up: Pacifica Spray Perfumes are a terrific size for traveling, and they will leave you smelling fabulous. But did you know that fragrances can also alter your mood, leaving you feeling fabulous as well? So when you are jet-lagged or just plain crabby, spray on some of your favorite scent and see what happens. Chances are you will be wearing a smile along with that perfect coat!

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