Friday, January 1, 2010

MAC Baroque Boudoir Swatches and Review picturse

MAC Baroque Boudoir Swatches and Review. Baroque Boudoir collection as many of you know is Mac's annual couture collection which means higher quality ingredients in the products and stylish packaging. It also means higher prices for the items :( . In the beauty world this collection has raised alot of questions are the higher prices worth it for the this particular collection. I'm not quite sure how to answer that but always Remember you get what you pay for and this collection is no expectation. Yes the products are more expensive but if you're a serious Mac collector like myself it's worth having it in your collection.

With that being said I skipped the Mystery Powders ( since they don't even match my complexion) and I only picked up lip glosses and lipsticks. The colors are basic pinks, and nudes with a hint of glimmer that is gorgeous. See my swatches below.

Product Packaging

Swatches of Lipsticks Prive and Treasured

Swatches of Lipglosses The Lap of Luxury and Preciousness

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